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Class Descriptions

Creative Movement (18mo.- 3 yrs.)

 Dancers will explore movement and music through 

self expression and creativity. This

 interactive class will teach coordination, 

 rhythm, balance and focus as well as introducing

  movement themes and basic technique.

Creative Movement/ Acro (3- 4 yrs.)

This class will be a combination of the creative

movement class mixed with acrobatics. Acro

will teach flexibility, strength, balance, 

coordination and control through the use

of dance and acrobatics.

Ballet/ Tap Combo (3-4 yrs/5-6 yrs.)

This combination class will teach basic 

ballet and tap techniques while helping 

dancers increase strength, agility, 

concentration and a better understanding

of music and rhythm.

Broadway/ Acro (5-6 yrs.)

This class will highlight jazz and theatre dance styles. 

Dancers will learn technique, style and performance

qualities all while dancing to their favorite Broadway 

music. Acrobatics will also be incorporated.

Ballet (7-12 yrs./ 13+)

Dancers will learn elements of classical ballet 

technique and terminology while building

strength and proper alignment. Classes will

include barre, center and across the floor


Jazz (7-12 yrs./ 13+)

Jazz class will focus on proper technique, 

flexibility, isolations and musical interpretation.

The class will include warm-up, across the 

floor progressions and combinations

in various jazz styles.

Contemporary (7-12 yrs./ 13+)

Contemporary combines techniques of modern, 

ballet and jazz dance. This class will focus on 

versatility, improvisation, memorization of

movement sequences and expression. 

Teaching dancers to express themselves 

and tell a story through movement is key!

Hip Hop (5-8 yrs./9-12 yrs./13+)

This fun, high energy class will allow dancers

to embrace their own style while learning

the fundamentals of hip hop dance. Dancers 

will be exposed to several styles within the


Adult Contemporary

Looking for a fun way to express yourself 

through movement? This is the class for 

you! This contemporary dance class will 

focus on connecting the mind and body

through movement while incorporating

basic ballet, modern and jazz dance 


Adult Hip Hop

This energetic cardio hip hop dance class 

is sure to get your heart rate up!  The 

class will focus on various styles of hip

hop, freedom of movement and of 


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